Finding My Passion in Photography

April 17, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Every day, I wake up and head to my day job. It’s a routine, a cycle that repeats itself repeatedly. It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I do, but a certain monotony comes with it. It’s predictable, safe, and comfortable. But when I pick up my camera, everything changes.

The Joy of Photography

Photography is not just a hobby for me; it’s a passion. It’s something that makes me feel alive and makes me appreciate the world around me in a whole new light. Every time I look through the lens, I see a world full of possibilities waiting to be captured in its raw and unfiltered beauty.

I love the process of taking pictures, of capturing moments in time that would otherwise be lost. The way the light hits a subject, the way a scene unfolds, the emotions that a single image can evoke - it’s all part of the magic of photography.

The Art of Editing

But the process doesn’t end with just taking pictures. Editing is where the real magic happens. It’s where I get to put my personal touch on the images to bring out the best in them. It’s a process that requires patience and a keen eye for detail. However, the end result, the transformation of a raw image into a piece of art, is always worth the effort.

Running a Photography Business

Running a photography business is a whole different ball game. It’s challenging, demanding, and at times, downright exhausting. But it’s also gratifying. Delivering products to clients, seeing their reactions when they see their photos for the first time, knowing that I’ve captured memories that they’ll cherish forever - it’s a feeling that’s hard to put into words.


So yes, my day job may be what pays the bills, but photography is what feeds my soul. It’s what makes me look forward to each day with anticipation and excitement. It’s what makes every second worth it. And for that, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.



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