Navigating the Unpredictable: A Family Photo Session with Infants

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As a parent, embarking on a family photo session with infants can feel like entering uncharted territory. The unpredictable nature of little ones, especially when colicky, adds an extra layer of challenge to an already delicate process. In this blog, we'll delve into the unique experience of managing a family photo shoot with my own kids – a boy and a girl – and how the lessons learned from parenting, particularly handling a colicky infant, have become invaluable in my journey as a family photographer.

The Colicky Challenge:

Raising a child is a transformative journey, and anyone who has navigated the stormy seas of colic knows it comes with its own set of trials. My daughter, a bundle of joy, proved to be colicky in her early days, turning the calm waters of parenthood into a tempest of sleepless nights and inconsolable cries. Through this challenging period, my wife and I honed our compassionate sides, developing an ability to handle difficult situations with patience and understanding.

Transferable Skills:

Little did I know that the skills honed during those colicky nights would become my secret weapons in the world of family photography. The empathy cultivated through comforting a crying infant became a crucial asset when dealing with toddlers who may be feeling overwhelmed or camera-shy during a photo session. Understanding that each child is unique and may require a tailored approach helped create a more relaxed atmosphere for both the kids and their parents.

Communication Mastery:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful family photo sessions. Having experienced the ups and downs of parenthood, I found myself better equipped to engage with kids and their parents. From calming nervous toddlers to eliciting genuine smiles, my experiences as a parent allowed me to connect on a deeper level, making the photo sessions more enjoyable and authentic.

Thick-Skinned Mentality:

Raising children, especially through the tumultuous times of colic, instills a thick-skinned mentality. This resilience has proven invaluable when faced with the unexpected challenges that can arise during a photo session. Whether it's a sudden tantrum or an unforeseen change in weather, the ability to stay composed and adaptable stems from the countless unpredictable moments of parenting.

A Perfect Imperfection:

Parenting is a journey of imperfections, and the same can be said for family photo sessions. While my experiences as a parent have undoubtedly enhanced my skills as a photographer, it's important to acknowledge that no method is foolproof. Every child is different, and what works one day may not work the next. Embracing the imperfect moments and finding beauty in the genuine expressions captured on film are what make each family photo session a unique and cherished experience.


In the world of family photography, the lessons learned from raising my own children, especially during the challenging days of colic, have proven to be invaluable. The empathy, communication skills, and thick-skinned mentality cultivated through parenthood have transformed the way I approach and navigate family photo sessions. As I continue to learn and grow, I am grateful for the beautiful chaos that is parenthood, shaping not only my personal life but also my professional journey capturing the essence of families through the lens.



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