Capturing Love and Moments: Wedding Photography and Fasting

March 03, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Introduction: Ten years ago, I embarked on my first wedding photo session, marking the beginning of a unique relationship between my passion for photography and an unexpected ally – fasting. Little did I know that this combination would not only fuel my creative energy but also redefine my approach to wedding photography.

The Early Hours: The day began at 9 am as I left my house, armed with my camera gear and a heart full of excitement. The journey to the location took longer than expected, but little did I know that the delays would set the stage for an unconventional yet invigorating experience.

Amenities and Anticipation: Upon arrival at 12 pm, I dove into capturing the intricacies of the venue, from the delicate decorations to the intimate spaces where the soon-to-be-wed couple would create lasting memories. As the clock ticked, I shifted my focus to the bride and groom separately, documenting the anticipation and nerves that come with the moments leading up to the ceremony.

The Ceremony Unfolds: The wedding ceremony commenced, and my lens danced between the couple, immortalizing their vows, smiles, and stolen glances. The energy of the occasion became my driving force, and as the ceremony unfolded, I found myself seamlessly transitioning between capturing solo shots of the bride and groom.

Group Photos and Beyond: Post-ceremony, it was time for the traditional group photos with the newlyweds and their loved ones. Despite the hours passing, my enthusiasm remained unwavering. The connection with the couple and their guests fueled my passion, transcending any fatigue that might have crept in.

Fasting Through the Feast: As evening fell, so did the time for dinner. However, I made a conscious decision to forgo the meal, choosing to continue documenting the festivities that unfolded before my lens. The evening dance, laughter, and joy continued until the clock struck 1 am.

The Journey Back: Exhausted but fulfilled, I embarked on the journey back home. The drive was quiet, the hum of the road contrasting with the vivid memories captured throughout the day. Homecoming at 4 am marked the end of a marathon, but my sense of accomplishment eclipsed any weariness.

Fasting as a Source of Energy: Surprisingly, the decision to fast during these long wedding sessions became a personal choice that fueled not only my passion for photography but also my physical and mental stamina. Deprived of food, my senses sharpened, and my focus intensified, allowing me to navigate the intricacies of capturing every fleeting moment with clarity.

The Aftermath: Curiously, hunger was absent during these prolonged photo sessions. Instead, a surge of energy and mental acuity prevailed. It wasn't until the following day at 12 pm that I broke my fast, realizing that this unconventional approach had become a source of strength and resilience in my wedding photography journey.

Conclusion: Reflecting on a decade of wedding photography and fasting, I've come to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between these two seemingly unrelated aspects of my life. The absence of food became a unique source of energy, enhancing my ability to encapsulate the beauty and emotion that unfold on a couple's most special day. In the realm of wedding photography, where every moment is fleeting, this unconventional approach has allowed me to freeze time with a clear mind and an unyielding passion for the art of love.



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